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The East Wing of the Immanuel Skilled Care Center was built in 1956 and has not yet had comprehensive updates.  This year, we’ll be renovating the common spaces on East to bring them up to the same level of finish as the rest of the Immanuel Skilled Care Center and the Retreat.  We’ll also be updating mechanical systems to ensure that residents have a safe, healthy environment in which to spend their time.

Most of the residents on East are low-income individuals who receive Medicaid benefits.  When you give to this project, you help ensure that Immanuel Lutheran Communities can continue providing safe homes in vibrant communities to seniors at all income levels.

To contribute to the East wing updates at the Immanuel Skilled Care Center, simply click the link below and choose “Skilled Care Upgrades” in the “Use this donation for…” menu.

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Thanks to our generous donors, we have secured over $200,000 of the $300,000 we need to upgrade the common spaces at the Immanuel Skilled Care Center.  Every gift helps create safe, attractive environments for older adults at all income levels.

To make your contribution, simply click one of the “Make My Gift” buttons at the top or bottom of this page and choose “Skilled Care Upgrades” from the “Use this donation for…” dropdown menu.  Thank you for your generosity.

Our Project Plan

This year, we will be renovating the common spaces on east, including hallways, resident gathering areas, and other spaces on East that are used by nearly all residents and guests.  In addition to bringing the appearance of East up-to-date and aligning it aesthetically with the rest of the building, this project includes installing new mechanical systems that tie in with existing, already-updated systems.  Here are some specific components of the project plan:

  • An updated Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system that will introduce twice as much clean air into the building as the current system and tie into existing, updated systems.  The new HRV system accommodates the UV sterilization system our donors generously funded during the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Day of Giving and Unity.
  • A new hospice room will be dedicated for residents are approaching the end of their days.  Residents and guests will be able to spend this time together in a beautiful, private space.  Thanks to a grant from the Whitefish Community Foundation, this room will also include special furnishings that will add the comfort of residents and guests and family members.
  • New handrails with maple finish and stainless steel endcaps, corners and splices.  Our current handrails were installed in 1956 and are prone to splinters.  The new material is safer for residents and more modern in appearance.
  • Two-panel doors and metal doorframes for all room entries on the East wing.  These will replace worn-out doors and frames with new pieces that reflect current standards and match the rest of the building.
  • Drywall and paint to replace the existing tiled ceiling.  The new ceiling will improve odor control as well as appearance and will be easier to repair than the existing tiles.
  • Flooring for all common spaces including nylon, carpet, and other materials to match flooring in the rest of the Skilled Care Center and the Retreat.  The new flooring material has been chose for easy maintenance as well as modern appearance.
  • Light fixtures for all common areas to match light fixtures in the parts of the building that have already been updated.
  • Labor to complete all parts of the project.


Overall, this project will create continuity throughout the building and provide a current, attractive environment for all Immanuel residents, regardless of their income status or payer type.

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At the Immanuel Foundation, we believe that every senior living in Montana has the right to a safe, secure home in an engaging and supportive community. We work every day to make that vision a reality and your financial support is crucial.

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