Geri's Story

Recent Retreat guest Geri has this to say about the care she recently received at the Retreat for a hip injury:

“My injury was painful as any I have ever experienced. The care was exceptional; I had excellent care from nursing and all of the staff. I am an odd gal who has only been in the hospital twice in my life. The care here is number one in all aspects. I am going home tomorrow and will always cherish my care and the people I’ve met.  Due to them I feel like new. You are all great!”

Express Your Gratitude!

Like Geri, you came to the Retreat at Buffalo Hill because you weren’t feeling your best. Maybe you had been injured, or perhaps you were recovering from surgery. Over the course of your stay, the services you received—and the staff who helped you—got you going again.

If you have a story like Geri’s, you might be wondering how you can give back in appreciation of the care you received. By giving through our Grateful Guest program, you can express your gratitude to the people who made your stay exceptional.  You can designate your gift to an employee appreciation fund or to help Immanuel’s residents and guests in need.  And if you like, you can honor a particular employee who made your stay special.

How You Help
Show Your Appreciation

When you designate your gift to the Employee Appreciation Fund, you directly reward the employees who helped you. Though our employees are not allowed to accept individual tips, gifts to this fund are pooled and divided among hourly staff at the end of the year based on hours worked.  No matter how much you give, your contribution is much appreciated.


Help Others Get Better

Your contribution to our Greatest Need Fund enables Immanuel Lutheran Communities to offer services to people at all income levels. For example, your gift might help us extend our services to low-income seniors or purchase equipment that will help others along their rehabilitation journeys.  Greated Need funds have recently purchased an ADA-accessible van for transporting residents and guests to medical appointments.

Learn More about How We Help Seniors in Need

Honor a Staff Member

There might be one person who made your stay at the Retreat particularly special. Maybe it was a therapist who helped you take your first steps after surgery or a housekeeper whose smile shined as brightly as your bathroom mirror after she’d cleaned. With your gift, you can honor anyone who helped you along your journey. All you have to do is write the staff member’s name on your contribution card. We will let the staff member know you wanted to recognize them, and we will always keep the amount of your gift confidential. If you prefer, we can keep your name confidential as well—simply let us know.

Give Now

Donate Now

At the Immanuel Foundation, we believe that every senior living in Montana has the right to a safe, secure home in an engaging and supportive community. We work every day to make that vision a reality and your financial support is crucial. 60% of our Skilled Care residents are low income, Medicaid qualified. Immanuel Foundation raises funds to support these seniors in need.

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