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The Immanuel Foundation is committed to honoring all employees who serve the Immanuel Living community.  No doubt, you have witnessed these amazing employees at work.  Whether it’s the warm greetings and assistance at the reception desks, the care provided by our medical staff, the incredible meals crafted and served by our dining teams, the diligent efforts of those caring for our beautiful campus including housekeeping and maintenance crews, our transportation staff, or the thoughtfully planned activities by our recreation team, each member makes a significant impact in the lives of our residents and their families. 

We invite you to help honor these exceptional individuals by making a donation. We ask that you direct your generosity towards these funds instead of giving individual gratuities to ensure all eligible employees receive recognition. These funds will directly benefit our non-salaried staff across various departments, recognizing their commitment to excellence in service. These funds, distributed annually in December, will directly benefit our non-salaried staff across various departments, recognizing their commitment to excellence in service.

  1. All Employee Recognition Fund – As you’re aware, Immanuel Living is a continuum of care, serving residents who live independently, those in assisted living, individuals requiring memory care, and those in need of round-the-clock assistance. This fund is dedicated to honoring all non-salaried employees who support residents across our Buffalo Hill Campus.  
  2. Terrace Gratuity Fund – The Terrace Gratuity Fund honors non-salaried employees supporting the The Villas, The Cottages, The Terraces, and The Lodge.  
  3. Retreat Appreciation Fund – By donating to the Retreat Appreciation Fund you honor the non-salaried employees working at The Retreat where residents receive 24/7 care.  Some of these residents are Medicaid qualified and have only $2,000 to their name yet still receive high quality services, no matter their ability to pay.  

No matter which fund you choose, your generosity will make a significant difference in supporting our employees and enhancing the quality of care provided to our residents.  We are extremely grateful for your support.  

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At the Immanuel Foundation, we believe that every senior living in Montana has the right to a safe, secure home in an engaging and supportive community. We work every day to make that vision a reality and your financial support is crucial. 60% of our Skilled Care residents are low income, Medicaid qualified. Immanuel Foundation raises funds to support these seniors in need.

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