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The months since the pandemic began have been very difficult for many Immanuel Lutheran Communities residents and their families.  Because we have not been able to allow visitors, families have had to place even greater than usual trust in our staff to care for their parents, grandparents, spouses, friends, and other loved ones.  Because they cannot visit, they have to rely on nurses, CNAs, recreation staff members, and other dedicated team members to make sure their loved ones are supported emotionally as well as physically.  

Recently, the Immanuel Foundation has launched an Employee Appreciation Fund.  This fund is for employees of the Immanuel Skilled Care Center who do the front-line, everyday work of providing loving care for the people we serve.  You probably know that employees are not permitted to accept individual gifts or tips from residents or family members, and this fund is a way for you to let them know how much you appreciate what they do.  All funds will be pooled together and divided based on hours worked among the 182 Skilled Care Center and Retreat hourly employees as part of their holiday bonus.  No employees will know who gave how much.

We know how hard it is for residents and families to be separated.  We cannot possibly replace the benefits families’ presence and touch bring to residents’ lives.  But you probably know of a nurse who has taken extra time to listen to a story; a housekeeper who has offered a warm hug or a squeeze of the hand; a recreation staffer who has connected a resident to a family member on FaceTime; or a receptionist whose smile lit up a resident’s day.  If you would like to honor these individuals, please consider making a gift to the Employee Appreciation Fund.  Your gift will brighten the holiday season of staff members who go out of their way every day to brighten the lives of our residents here at Immanuel.

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At the Immanuel Foundation, we believe that every senior living in Montana has the right to a safe, secure home in an engaging and supportive community. We work every day to make that vision a reality and your financial support is crucial.

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