Help Protect Seniors

Thank you for all who gave to the Immanuel Foundation during the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Day of Giving and Unity!  All funds raised will help upgrade ventilation systems at the Immanuel Skilled Care Center.  The new system will improve air circulation and provide enhanced infection control capabilities.

Together, over 90 nonprofits raised a total of $394,000 through the Whitefish Community Foundation during this event.  Once again, the Flathead Valley Community came together.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The Immanuel Skilled Care Center has been providing comfortable, supportive homes for Flathead Valley older adults, over 60% of whom are on Medicaid, since 1957.  While we’ve upgraded parts of our building over the years, many of our mechanical systems were part of the original construction project in 1956.  Of course, technology has advanced substantially in the last 65 years, especially in areas like air filtration and infection control.  We will be upgrading our air circulation system to introduce additional clean, outside air into the building.  The new system draws in twice as much outside air as the existing system, creating a cleaner, fresher environment for residents.  This new system includes a built-in UV sterilizer that destroys all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, as well as some mold spores.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has lent particular urgency to this upgrade project, its benefits will long outlast the pandemic.  The UV sterilizer will help mitigate the transmission of common infections like influenza and norovirus for many years to come, and the overall improvements to the ventilation system have benefits beyond infection control.  Your contributions to this project will help ensure that the Immanuel Skilled Care Center remains a place where older adults at all income levels can thrive for decades to come.

Donate Now

At the Immanuel Foundation, we believe that every senior living in Montana has the right to a safe, secure home in an engaging and supportive community. We work every day to make that vision a reality and your financial support is crucial. 60% of our Skilled Care residents are low income, Medicaid qualified. Immanuel Foundation raises funds to support these seniors in need.

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