New Year’s Resolutions

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  • 01-04-19

As the new year begins, we often think about what we’d like to do differently.  A lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions, in which they set out specific goals for the coming year.  The Immanuel Foundation has several New Year’s Resolution, and you can help us meet them.  Here’s what we’re resolved to do in 2019:

  • Grow our fundraising presence!  A lot of people in the Flathead see Immanuel Lutheran Communities as an important resource for seniors in our community.  Not everyone knows that Immanuel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks philanthropic support.  But we’ve been fundraising in the Flathead Valley for over sixty years.  You can help by spreading the word!
  • Grow our Partners in Caring Monthly Giving Program!  Partners in Caring give a set amount every month on a recurring, automatic basis.  These gifts, no matter how small or large, are reliable for Immanuel and convenient for donors.  With one action, you can give steadily throughout the year (and beyond!).  All you have to do is visit our Partners in Caring page to set up your donation via credit card.  If you prefer to give by secure bank transfer or, if you’re an Immanuel employee, with a payroll deduction, just call or visit the Immanuel Foundation office.  Thank you.
  • Grow our Vehicle Donation program!  We accept the donation of any unwanted vehicle.  It can be a car, truck, boat, motorcycle—or even an RV.  All you have to do is visit our vehicle donation page—or call 855-500-RIDE (7433).  A representative will take your vehicle information and set up a pickup time.  You won’t have to do anything else, and your gift is tax deductible.  Don’t have an old vehicle?  Let your friends and family know, just in case they have an old one that can benefit Immanuel.

We’ll also be hosting at least one event here at Immanuel Lutheran Communities in 2019, and we hope to take The Passions Project photographs on the road so others in our area can see these wonderful pictures.  Whatever we do, we hope you’ll resolve to join us in whatever makes sense for your schedule, your budget, and your desire to serve seniors in the Flathead Valley.  Happy New Year!

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