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  • 10-05-18

On Thursday, October 11, the Immanuel Foundation will host our first public event.  We are inviting the community to join us at 5:30pm in the lobby of Buffalo Hill Terrace for drinks, heavy appetizers prepared by our marvelous dining team, and the unveiling of the Passions Project photos.  And we’re extra lucky because photographer Heidi Wagner will be present to discuss her creative process and the story behind the Passions Project.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve read quite a bit about the Passions Project by now.  We’re excited to share these photos.  Moreover, we’re excited to offer you a glimpse of the amazing, engaged seniors who live at Immanuel.  Whether they’re sharing their collections, walking beloved pets, or playing games, these residents continue to pursue the activities that bring them the most joy.

Immanuel Lutheran Communities participated in the Passions Project because we think it’s important to show our community how active and interesting residents remain.  That’s partly why the Foundation wanted to sponsor this project, of course.  We think it says a lot about the vision of aging we want to promote—one that’s active, engaged, and joyful rather than isolated and dull.

But the Foundation also chose to be part of this project because we want to show you who we raise money for.  All nineteen of the faces you’ll see at the Passions Project opening are Immanuel residents.  They live in all parts of community, from independent living to skilled nursing.  While some of them might need more philanthropic assistance than others, they are all real people engaged with their passions right here, in this community.  They all have stories.  Every single Immanuel resident has a lifetime of experience behind them, and every single one of them has something to share.  We’re hoping that The Passions Project will highlight some small part of the wisdom—and just plain interesting stories—housed in our community.

We’ve chosen to celebrate The Passions Project and the Foundation launch at the same time because both things are, in some ways, about celebrating the wonderful seniors who call Immanuel home.  The Passions Project celebrates them in obvious ways, by highlighting their skills, talents, and passions.  The Foundation celebrates them by seeking funds to make sure their lives remain as joyful and engaged as possible.  All of us, no matter our ages, need support to pursue our passions.  Immanuel wholeheartedly supports residents in living life in the ways that make them happiest.  The Foundation’s work helps make this support possible, and as we get our work off the ground, we look forward to learning more and sharing more about the people who live in our community.

So please join us on Thursday the 11th!  There’s still time to RSVP by clicking on the link below.

Celebrate with Us!

There's still time to RSVP for the Foundation launch and Passions Project opening! Just click on the link and fill out the form, and we'll see you on October 11.